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Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Augusta

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Augusta High School Students of Georgia, our team frequently assists with Green Belt Training and Certification to ensure that high school students, workers, and college students are ready to tackle the next stage of their lives and can have advantages over their peers when they decide to work in personal projects or apply for a new job position in the company of their dreams.

If you are wondering whether this methodology should be something to add to your curriculum, you will want to know that LSS is a methodology that helps students, professionals, and businesses improve their performance and productivity as the principles of Sigma are based on companies and their processes, but it can be translated to how the practitioner should be ready to take on any task.

Thus, LSS also gives them new skills that will help reduce waste and bring value to their everyday lives.

A Yellow Belt is the beginning level of learning vocabulary, concepts, and the basics. Many people skip this level with some companies that consider it unnecessary. However, you must know a yellow belt is actually mandatory in the international standard for those who want to move onto a green belt and higher levels.

A Green Belt dives deeper into structures and even concepts, but with a different approach that adds practice to what a yellow belt would learn as theory only. It ensures that professionals and company workers can manage LSS teams to achieve exceptional business results.

A yellow belt is the best choice for students, while a green belt may be a good idea for those that need more than the usual knowledge to add value to their curriculums.

There are many responsibilities that come with becoming certified. We recommend that you start your training with a yellow belt if you haven’t gotten certified in this level and then start thinking about your green belt and if you actually need it.

Green Belt Training is for you if you’re already at the stage of pursuing working in large-scale projects and want to lead teams, not only be the person that depends on what others say. It will not only help you in manufacturing but also in areas such as healthcare and education and every industry nowadays as it has proven to be a great addition to all businesses over the past ten years.

Our training will also help you improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills, productivity, leadership, as well as other personal aptitudes.

To ensure this, our professionals are either green belts or higher, so they can share their knowledge effectively and help you achieve your goals.

Green Belt Training Program: What Will You Learn?

LSS has a common structure for all levels and belts. However, it is largely dependent on the training organization that provides the classes. We focus on the basics and how to use Six Sigma principles and the entire structure by showing you a couple of real-life cases and situations.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Augusta

We want to make sure foundations are laid with this green belt even when you took your yellow one, as it allows you to ensure the basics are set and that you can work around the important elements.

We review the DMAIC structure with examples from real companies and cases. We also teach you how to implement the structure for your college or high school studies.

After you have completed the training, you must pass the exam to be certified. Many Georgia companies will prepare you to take the ASQ CSSGB test. We can also help you prepare for this exam and offer additional benefits depending on which program or agreement you have.

Depending on which certifications are requested by your company or the organization for which you work, you might need to take additional exams. Students should not worry about this whatsoever.

Keep in mind that this level in the methodology will go over more practical elements: SIPOC, how to implement Sigma, and how you can utilize the methodology for your own projects.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Green Belt Certified?

Every course and each company that offers training is different. As the program is extended or removed, it can cause the time to vary. The maximum time you can spend on the program is about 30 hours when choosing us for it. You can learn everything in this time, and you will be on the same level as other green belts, so there is no need for incomplete training.

You will be eligible to take the post-exam after completing your green belt training, and you can become certified by scoring at least 290 points out of 400. 

You can typically take the test or exam within a few days of your Six Sigma training. We will arrange a time so that you can take it at our facility or another established location.

The course can be completed by most students in 15 days. However, you can set a lower goal. You can adjust the hours you spend with our instructors and professionals to fit your commitment and schedule. 

Students in college and high schools who are on tight schedules due to extracurricular activities need our help. The same applies to corporate clients. A plan can be created by one of our business professionals and experts to integrate the Sigma methodology into your business process.

For any questions, please contact our team. We are happy to assist you in any way we can so that you can join the thousands of students who have been certified in 6 Sigma with our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Augusta.