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Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Augusta

A Yellow Belt Training and Certification is the best choice for students and business professionals just starting with the methodology or those seeking to do so. It covers the basics yet offers great value and requires less time so high school and college students can be included in those who are qualified as practitioners in the methodology, of course, without leaving business professionals out among those who can implement it. Our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Augusta High School Students of Georgia provides the best training during all hours. Once you are done, you can take the exam to become certified with our company, which is internationally recognized.

If you don’t know what LSS is and are unsure of the meaning of a belt, it corresponds to a Six Sigma level.

A Yellow Belt is for students and professionals, so don’t let individuals fool you about who can take it or benefit from what can be learned.

As it focuses on terminology and structure, every individual will be ready with the basics and ensure they can move forward with the green belt—if they want to—as it is the next level in the methodology.

Leadership, productivity, and other essential skills are learned in this process or improved as LSS needs to be handled and managed by individuals who understand what it takes to work within a company or their own projects based on the best they can get.

Once you have completed training, it will also help you to be able to work on larger-scale projects.

Since this methodology entails more than just diving in and working with a preset plan, going over the Yellow Belt is mandatory and something that cannot be skipped as many believe, and just like the rest of the belts in Sigma, whenever you want to go over the next one.

This belt is often used to introduce high school and college students to Sigma instead of the white belt, which is an introductory level many experts and companies utilize. However, we find it unnecessary as it is basic, includes the same information you learn during the first few hours of Yellow Belt Training, and yet, you couldn’t get certified nor work in any position as an LSS practitioner since you don’t have any experience or actual knowledge of how to use the methodology. 

Also, a yellow belt allows you to work on small-scale projects and ensure you can be part of companies in very specific roles yet important tones, which gives students career advantages in comparison to their peers.

Why Choose a Yellow Belt Training & Certificate?

Students can improve their processes, understand their responsibilities and collaborate with others to learn how to work in a team. It could be a great way to get started for professionals and companies under pressure, as well as understand how LSS helps them from top to bottom.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Augusta

Six Sigma can be used to assist students in their future career and personal development, as well as professionals in their advancement and to be better prepared for their roles.

Contrary to popular belief, yellow belt training does not aim for basic skills or personal growth only. Business professionals and students will learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma, Lean and other methods that helped create LSS. This will allow them to expand their knowledge and provide a solid foundation for any future tasks or training.

Six Sigma DMAIC’s Five Phases are described and taught to help individuals become familiar with the concepts and how they can be used in their daily lives, as students, or in their work processes.

Students in high school and others who participated in the training should have the ability to join a team to manage projects, improve performance, and seek improvement.

Students can also receive credits upon graduation. High school students will have a better chance of getting into college if they add 6 Sigma to their curriculums as well.

How Long Does It Take to Get Certified?

LSS can be time-consuming and requires patience. However, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon other projects or activities.

Training will be difficult for everyone because of the differences in company, program, and experts. Others will spend hours certifying you and making sure that you receive training.

Our program is not time-consuming. This will make it possible for busy college students and business professionals to dedicate the necessary time to complete the task, while high school students won’t have to risk their grades.

The yellow belt course can be completed within 20 hours and in as little as one week or even two weeks. However, this is not a limit.

You can set your own schedule and decide how many hours each day you want to spend with our team. It takes us 7-10 days to complete it with those that follow an average schedule that involves daily training so students and professionals can get certified quickly.

Once you have completed the course, you can apply to be a yellow belt with your respective certification. After passing the required exam, you will receive your certificate.

Just make sure to contact us to receive more information and start boosting your future as a student or professional or a company that needs and wants its employees to contribute with continuous growth.